Regarding Lwakhakha bills, Element H would be floor finishes. It is removed because all concrete floors shall be power floated 
Therefore it should be ignored on the summary page.

Clairification on the Business Export Zones Tender documents;

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Uganda adopted a Border Export Zone Program (BEZ) in 2010 to address its constraints as a landlocked country and improve her competitiveness in the regional market especially with regard to the supply of agricultural and non-agricultural products to her neighbors. With Regional Integration Implementation Program Project II support, numerous activities have been undertaken towards operationalization of this Program. Activities include; promotion of value addition, mobilizing and training of stake holders on trade and trade related issues, the establishment of clusters, and preliminary activities for the infrastructure construction; activities such as, preparation of designs, bills of quantities, documentation and currently advertisement/call for bids for the construction etc.

In respect to construction, the Ministry held and information meeting on the 21st June 2019 at the Ministry board preceding the compulsory site visits to be held on the 24th June 2019 at all site.

The meeting was attended by 24 participants from different companies

Detailed Report

Clarification on Construction of two Warehouses for Katuna and Busia,a commercial building for Oraba and a central market for Lwakhakha Border export Zones.

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The Ministry with support from the RIIP II invited the public to bid for the construction of commercial buildings, warehouses, Border market, and related facilities at the Lwakhakha, Busia, Kabale and Oraba Border Export Zones (BEZs).

The Ministry organized site visits to the various sites with contractors to introduce them to the sites and help them prepare sound bids for the ongoing tendering process. It is also a requirement for potential bidders to visit the site before submitting bid documents.







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