The Ministry has released a press statement on PVOC. The minister explains why PVOC was temporarily suspended in December last year and why it has been reinstated 6 months later in June 2013. Read the entire full Press Statement here



 Tax Vs Charge, The PVOC charges are not a tax as
portrayed by the traders but are a professional fee for
inspection (verification, sampling and testing)
according to applicable standards.
 Administrative costs Vs Commission, The PVOC
agreement provides for administrative costs to cater
for monitoring and auditing of the program and is not
a commission paid to UNBS.
 Who pays the inspection fees?
The safety and quality of the products is the responsibility
of the exporter. Therefore the exporter pays the inspection
fees. Ultimately it is the consumer who pays.
 Groupage Cargo, This is consolidated cargo of small
volumes and different importers. Government
programme has recognized the challenge of inspection
of this type of cargo and agreed to exempt groupage
cargo from PVoC for the time being except for food
stuffs and cosmetics. The exempted goods will
continue to be inspected on entry to Ugandan
borders until a better mechanism and solution is
 Sensitization of Stakeholders, This will continue to
be undertaken with all stakeholders (consumers,
business community, Members of Parliament, etc) in
order to appreciate further the program. A PVoC desk
has been set up at UNBS to resolve outstanding
issues on the programme. A TOLL FREE
TELEPHONE 0800133133 has been set up for this
 List of high risk products, The list of products as
been reduced to allow the business community
appreciate ad familiarize with the programme. The
product groups that are being inspected effectiv 1st
June 2013 include:
1. Food and Food products including beverages
2. Electrical and Electronic Products
3. Cosmetics
4. Mosquito Nets
5. Toys
6. Used Motor Vehicles (radiation)
All other goods will be subject to Destination Inspection
before being permitted entry into the Ugandan market.
 Review of the Program, This will be reviewed every 3
months with a view of adding more products that
currently fall under Uganda compulsory standards.
 Goods exempted from PVoC
1. Goods whose FOB value does not exceed USD 2000
2. Prohibited goods according to the East African
Customs Management Act 2006 and the East African
Standards, Quality Assurance, Metrology and Testing
Act (SQMT) 2006
3. Government Project Specific Goods
4. Industry Raw Materials
5. Drugs and Pharmaceuticals
6. Personal Effects
7. Goods that are not covered by Compulsory Standards
8. Goods that bear the Uganda Standards Certification
Mark and Goods originating from the EAC Region
The Ministry held two crucial meetings with KACITA and
the Inspector General of Police on Thursday 20th June 2013
and a follow up meeting on Monday 24th June 2013.
KACITA accepts in principle and made proposals which we
agreed to further review and address as the programme
 Cabinet fully supports the implementation of this
programme to ensure the health and safety of all
consumers and the environment
 My Ministry has appraised Members of Parliament
and they expressed concern about substandard goods
and recommended the programmes implementation
 Regional partners are equally concerned and are
implementing PVOC with similar rates and charges.
The President has received enormous pressure from
regional leaders and investors to stop substandard and
conteirfeit products which discourage investment and
fair trade in the region.
Way forward
 Based on the dialogue with the trading community, I
pledged to Parliament that I will be meeting all
contracted service providers (inspection agents) on 1st
July, 2013 to review the charges and am convinced that
we shall reach an amicable and fair rates.
 My appeal to the trading community is that we are all
consumers and responsible for protection of the lives
of citizens of Uganda. Therefore, the traders should get
back to their normal business while we pledge to work
on their concerns and review the programme every
three months.
Amelia Kyambadde (MP)
27TH JUNE, 2013

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