This Page highlights the regulatory framework for the Ministry of Trade Industry and Cooperatives;

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1. Policies Approved

1.    National Trade Policy
2.    National Industrial Policy
3.    National Textile Policy
4.    National Sugar Policy
5.    Final cooperative policy
6.    Buy Uganda Build Uganda Policy
7.    National Leather Policy
8.    National Competition Policy
9.    Accreditation Policy

10.   MSME Policy Booklet

12.   National Policy and Quality standards implementation plan

13. National standards and Quality Policy

2. Policies in Offing at the Ministry of Trade

  • National Trade Fair and Exhibition Policy
  • Sale of Goods and Supply Services Policy
  • The Gift Policy
  • National Export Development Strategy
  • Tea Policy
  • Final  Draft SPS Policy

3. Bills Passed by Parliament

  • Trade Licensing Bill

4. Bills in Offing

  • Competition Bill
  • Consumer Protection Bill
  • Sale of Goods and Services Bill
  • WTO Implementation Bill
  • COMESA Treaty Implementation Bill
  • Anti-dumping Bill

2. Policies in Offing

  • Packaged Water Policy
  • Iron and Steel Policy

3. Bills Passed by Parliament

4. Bills in Offing

  • National Industrial Licensing Bill

Business Registration Laws

1.East African Community Trade Info    

2. The business Names Registration ammendment rules 2005 SI-53

3Stamps amendment act 2002 4.NGO act chapter 113
5.N.G.O Amendment Registration act 2003 6.Trade lincensing act chapter 101 7Business names Registration Act cap 109
8.Cooperative Societies Act Chapter_112 9.Registration of documents act cap 81 10.Stamps act chapter 342

Cross Border Trade:

1.EAC customs union protocol 2EAC competition Regulations 2010 3.EAC Treaty
4.Marine Insuarance Act 2002 5.Common Market  Protocol 6. EAST AFRICAN COMMUNITY ACT
7.Hides and Skin Export Duty Act Chapter_339 8.Comesa Treaty 9.East AfricanCommunity customs Management Act 2004
10.Customs and Exercise Act Chapter_335 The_East_African_Community_Act_ EAC Competition Act 2006
Sugar Control Act Chapter_343 Customs Management Ammendment Act 2001 Hide and Skin Export Duty Act Chapter_339
Customs Tarrif Act Chapter_337 EAC Customs Union Common External Tariff-Handbook Customs Dumping and Subsidies Rate Act Chapter_336
Uganda Export Promotion Board Act Chapter_102 Customs Management Amendment Act 2003. Hide and Skin Trade Act Chapter_89

Investment Laws:

The_Land_Regulations,_ 2004_SI_100 The_Collective_Investment_
Land Amendment Act 2004
Registration of Titles Act Chapter_230 The_Collective_Investment_
Registration of Titles Act Chapter_230
Land Act Chapter_227
Collective Investment Schemes
Act 2003

Investment Code Act Chapter_92

The Land Act Immigration Act chapter_63 The Investment Code Act



Schemes_(Open ended_Investment_Companies)_

Laws facilitating General Trade

Uganda Tourism Act Employment Act, 2006 36 Weights Sale & Label
37 Weights Repair Rules 2007 Conduct of Business S.I 2007 The_Employment_
Warehouse  Reciept System Act 2006 Markets Act Chapter_94 Employment Act 2006
Chattels                           Transfer Act Chapter_70. Enguli Manufacture and Licensing Act Chapter_86 Cattle Traders Act Chapter_43
Cattle Grazing Act Chapter_42 Enguli Manufacture and Licensing Act Chapter_86 Bulk Sales Act Chapter_69
National Trade Policy    

Laws  Regulating Standards:

1.L N No. 5 of 2008 2.Uganda National Bureau of Standards Act Chapter_327 3.National Drug Policy and Authority Act Chapter_206
4.Fish(Quality Assurance ) Rules. 5.LN No_LN No. 14 of 2007. 6. Food and Drug Act Chapter_278

Tax Laws:

Excise Tariff (Amendment) Act Finance Act. 2 of 2005 Finance Act 2005
Income Tax & Value Added Tax Acts Uganda Revenue Authority Act Chapter_196
Excise Tarriff Ammendment Act 2002 Excise Tarrif Ammendment Act 2005 Surcharges Revenue Act  Chapter_344.pdf
Excise Manegement Ammendment Act 2003.pdf Excise Tarriff Act Chapter_338 Sugar Cess Act Chapter_343

Trade Finance:

mortgage act Chapter_229 local loans act Chapter_240 loans act Chapter_236.
money lenders Chapter_273 loan gurantee act Chapter_237 loans united kingdom act Chapter_238


 Uganda Export Promotion Board Uganda Warehouse Receipt System Authority Management Training and Advisory Centre Uganda National Bureau of Standards Uganda Industrial Research Institute