Industry and Technology

Q: Does the department license setting up of industries?
A: With the establishment of Uganda Investment Authority (UIA), the authority to license industries was given to UIA for firms whose investment is greater than or equal to US dollars 50,000. Otherwise, district authorities have been authorized to license firms whose investment is below US dollars 50,000.

Q: Does the department of Industry and Technology give incentives?
A: It is UIA which is mandated to give incentives.

Q: Will the Uganda Government set up exhibition grounds for the small scale industrial sector (Jua Kali) similar to those in Kenya?
A: Yes. The president, in his address to Jua Kali exhibitors in 2002, promised that Uganda will provide those exhibition grounds. Some crucial services like water, shelter, electricity will be provided in those exhibition grounds.

Q: How accessible is the Industrial fund?
A: The Ministry is waiting for approval of the fund by the cabinet. Thereafter, the criteria to be used to select the would be beneficiaries will be set up and also approved.

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