This Department is responsible for developing, coordinating, regulating, promoting and facilitating domestic trade. Its main functions are to;

• Initiate and formulate policies, legislation and strategies for domestic trade development;

• Coordinate the design of policy interventions that promote the competitiveness of Ugandan products and services domestically and internationally;

• Collaborate with other Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), Development Partners, the Private Sector, Civil Society and Academia in the design and implementation of programmes and interventions to promote domestic trade;

• Facilitate smooth flow of trade through provision of trade and market information;

• Support capacity building, and participate in trade negotiations to secure and expand markets for Ugandan products and services;

• Manage and coordinate integration within COMESA, EAC and other regional economic communities;

• Undertake and evaluate trade research, manage and disseminate trade information that promotes domestic trade;

• Facilitate trade diversification and smooth flow of trade;

• Monitor trade practices and policies; evaluate trade research; and Collaborate with Private Sector associations and Government Institutions in regulating trade.

• Formulate Laws, Policies, Strategies and Plans that promote a competitive private sector for economic growth and development of the Country.

• Monitor and Supervise the implementation of Policies, Laws and Strategies for sustainable growth of domestic trade in the country.

• Build capacity of Public Institutions and the Private Sector for domestic trade growth in the country.

• Support market research and provision of trade information.

• Promote Economic integration and increased market access for domestic trade growth.

• Provide and facilitate supporting infrastructure for domestic trade growth.

Plan for Internal Trade Department 2016/2017

  1. Draft Gift Policy
  2. Draft Market and Supermarket guidelines and submit to Cabinet;
  3. Make Inventory of locally produced goods and services conducted [BUBU];
  4. Print Application Forms and certificates printed and issued for Non-citizens traders, Tobacco and Travelling wholesaler Licenses country wide;
  5. Avail Hire purchases Application Forms and Licenses
  6. Submit Sale of Goods and Supply of services Bill to Parliament
  7. Submit Anti-Counterfeits Goods Bill to Parliament
  8. Draft BUBU Implementation Strategy developed
  9. Draft Consumer Protection Bill and Competition Bill to Ministry of Justice for Legal Guidance
  10. Application Forms and Certificates printed and issued for Non-citizen Traders and
  11. Print and Issue Tobacco Buying Licenses

 Uganda Export Promotion Board Uganda Warehouse Receipt System Authority Management Training and Advisory Centre Uganda National Bureau of Standards Uganda Industrial Research Institute