This Department is responsible for policy formulation, planning and coordination of Cooperatives development. Its main functions are to:

  • Initiate and formulate policies, legislation and strategies for cooperatives development;
  • Supervise and monitor cooperatives to ensure they operate within the established cooperative laws and set objectives for the benefit of members;
  • Register and deregister cooperatives societies;
  • Promote formation of cooperative societies;
  • Provide and administer the technical services required for the formation, organization, registration and operation for the cooperative societies;
  • Facilitate the establishment of marketing infrastructure (Warehouse Receipt System, Rural Information System) to improve marketing of goods by cooperatives;
  • Support Uganda’s Commodity Exchange and other distribution mechanisms;
  • Manage the Cooperative Management Information System (CMIS);
  • Building capacity for the Cooperative members;
  • Develop and promote standards for sound cooperative business management; and
  • Coordinate, promote and support establishment of linkages and partnerships with other Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) and Private Sector to enhance values and benefits from the sector.
  • Oversee the operations of the Uganda Warehouse Receipt System Authority (UWRSA);


The Department of Cooperatives is responsible for promoting an enabling environment for the development of sustainable and vibrant member based cooperatives. The Department provides services designed towards facilitating the formation, organization and operation of cooperative societies, and through the Cooperative Societies Act 1991, advises on and monitors emergence and practice of good governance and member empowerment.

Specifically, the Department deals with registration, coordination and issuing guidance on registration of Cooperative Societies.


Concept on improving proffessionalism in Cooperative sector.pdf

cooperatives formation and management guide lines.pdf

Promoting and Reviving consumer cooperatives.pdf

Proposed Intervention for Cooperatives Development.pdf

Statement on the Revival and formation of cooperatives in Uganda

Cooperatives Implementation Strategy

List of Approved auditors for SACCOs 2015

List of cooperatives in Buganda region

Hon. MTIC Presentation to Buganda Caucus MPs

overview of the cooperative sector in uganda

Cooperatives Anthem

Cooperatives Registered 2015


Final cooperative policy

History of Cooperatives

Over View of Cooperatives in Uganda

Guidelines for Foration of a cooperaive Society

  1. 1. Buy Co-operative Bye laws. A set of 4(four) books is:
  • Shs.15000/= for savings & Credit byelaws
  • Shs. 10000/=for multi-purpose bye laws
  1. Minimum Statutory number of members is 30. However, the more the better for viability.
  2. Fill bye laws.
  3. Get a recommendation letter from the District Co-operatives/Commercial Officer of your area of operation.
  4. Compile financial statement of the Society (Income & Expenditure + Balance Sheet).

A comprehensive schedule of all shareholders showing shares held by each member.

It includes entrance fees, shares, saving, and loans if any.

  1. Buy a copy of the co-operative societies Act, Cap 112 and the Co-operative Societies Regulations.
  2. Enclose photographs of irrespective people to handle the Society’s accounts
  3. Registration fee shs 50000/= Account No. 6000010330 Barclays Bank IPS Branch Account

Name: Audit and Supervision Fund

 Uganda Export Promotion Board Uganda Warehouse Receipt System Authority Management Training and Advisory Centre Uganda National Bureau of Standards Uganda Industrial Research Institute