On Thursday 31st August 2017, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives Hon. Amelia Kyambadde paid a visit to Uganda Fishnet Manufacturers Ltd to ascertain the quality and capacity of the factory to supply fishnets to the Ugandan market. The Minister’s visit follows the May 2017 12 month ban on the importation of all fishnets and other fishing gears in order to control sub standard fishnets and a presidential directive to allow only fishing nets made in Uganda.

Speaking after a tour of the factory in Luzira, Hon. Kyambadde commended Uganda Fishnets for the quality fishnets produced and said she was convinced that they had the capacity to supply the Ugandan market.

The General Manager of Uganda Fishnets Ltd Mr. Nitin Survana told the Minister that their current capacity is 860,000 fishnets annually and the production is expected to increase to 1.2 million nets per annum when they finish installing the new equipment. The new equipment is expected to be installed in October this year.

Uganda Fishnets Manufacturers Ltd is one of the only 2 fishnets factories in Uganda.


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