The mandate of this Department is to provide essential administrative, auxiliary facilities and Financial related services to the Ministry.

Its specific objective is to provide policy guidance and strategic leadership to the Ministry, effectively and efficiently manage the Ministry's physical, human and financial resources.

It Has 7 Units namely:

  1. The Policy and Planning Unit
  2. The Resource Centre and ICT Unit
  3. The Procurement and Disposal Unit.
  4. Internal Audit Unit
  5. Human Resources Unit
  6. Legal Services Unit
  7. Accounts Unit

This Departments functions are to;

  1. Facilitate other departments with the necessary resources to deliver the Ministry’s mandate
  2. Initiate, coordinate, support, oversee and where applicable, facilitate implementation of strategies and programmes aimed at enhancing the development and promotion of Trade, Cooperatives, Industry and Technology;
  3. Promote and coordinate the research activities and initiatives of the Sector, with a view to ensure that results are utilized and are beneficial to the country and all stakeholders;
  4. Inspect, monitor and evaluate the progress, standards, and efficiency of the various departments, under its mandate for quality assurance, policy direction and guidance;
  5. Collect, process, analyze, and disseminate National and International information on the respective sectors hence providing vital input necessary to improve rational decision making;
  6. Manage the Ministry’s public relations.
  7. Provide the required administrative and logistical support for efficient and effective service delivery and a conducive working environment;
  8. Facilitate Ministerial policy formulation;
  9. Coordinate planning and policy implementation in the sector;
  10. Monitor, evaluate and supervise Projects, Subventions and Agencies affiliated to and Supported by the Ministry;
  11. Manage the Physical, Financial and Human resources of the Ministry;
  12. Ensure efficient utilization and accountability of resources;
  13. Coordinate recruitment, induction, deployment and related staffing matters for efficient Staff establishment control;
  14. Develop and implement training plans, coordinate staff development and skills enhancement;
  15. Provide routine management support activities;
  16. Facilitate and review performance appraisal system;
  17. Support the implementation of Prosperity for All Government programme;

 Uganda Export Promotion Board Uganda Warehouse Receipt System Authority Management Training and Advisory Centre Uganda National Bureau of Standards Uganda Industrial Research Institute