The total Sector Budget allocation of UShs . 93.409 billion, a share of 0.46 percent of the UShs. 20,401.33 billion National Budget for Fiscal Year 2016/17.

The Sector has received additional resources for Fiscal Year 2016/17, including:

  • UShs. 2 billion for the Uganda Export Promotion Board to promote exports;
  • UShs. 2 billion for the Uganda National Bureau of Standards to provide Quality Marks and Product Certifications to MSMEs to export their products;
  • UShs. 2 billion for Commercial Services Conditional Grant to Local Governments;
  • UShs. 1 billion for the MSMEs Industrial Cluster Development;
  • UShs. 2.688 billion For Pension and UShs. 0.268 billion for Gratuity;
  • UShs. 2.625 billion For Arrears in Contributions to International Organisations;
  • UShs. 10 billion for the Kiira EV Car project under UDC;
  • UShs. 2 billion for counterpart funding to development projects.

 Uganda Export Promotion Board Uganda Warehouse Receipt System Authority Management Training and Advisory Centre Uganda National Bureau of Standards Uganda Industrial Research Institute