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Policies at the Ministry of Trade Industry and Cooperatives
Bisiness Registration laws
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This Page highlights the regulatory framework for the Ministry of Trade Industry and Cooperatives;

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1. Policies Approved

1.    National Trade Policy
2.    National Industrial Policy
3.    National Textile Policy
4.    National Sugar Policy
5.    Final cooperative policy
6.    Buy Uganda Build Uganda Policy
7.    National Leather Policy
8.    National Competition Policy
9.    Accreditation Policy

10.   MSME Policy Booklet

12.   National Policy and Quality standards implementation plan

13. National standards and Quality Policy

2. Policies in Offing at the Ministry of Trade

  • National Trade Fair and Exhibition Policy
  • Sale of Goods and Supply Services Policy
  • The Gift Policy
  • National Export Development Strategy
  • Tea Policy
  • Final  Draft SPS Policy

3. Bills Passed by Parliament

  • Trade Licensing Bill

4. Bills in Offing

  • Competition Bill
  • Consumer Protection Bill
  • Sale of Goods and Services Bill
  • WTO Implementation Bill
  • COMESA Treaty Implementation Bill
  • Anti-dumping Bill

2. Policies in Offing

  • Packaged Water Policy
  • Iron and Steel Policy

3. Bills Passed by Parliament

4. Bills in Offing

  • National Industrial Licensing Bill


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