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The second Trade Capacity Enhancement Project (TRACE II) is an initiative derived from an Integrated Framework (www.enhancedif.org) that also provides the funding. These funds are used to build capacity to implement the Diagnostic Trade Integration Study (DTIS). MTTI is the TRACE implementing supervisor and Competitive Investment Climate Strategy (CICS) National Steering Committee provides the overall policy guidance for its implementation.

TRACE II is a five year, Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF) funded program under the Ministry of Tourism, Trade and Industry (MTTI). The financial agreement (memorandum of understanding) was signed between the Government of Uganda and the EIF Trust Fund Manager; United Nations Office for Programs Support (UNOPS) on 13th July 2009. TRACE 11 succeeds TRACE 1 by the Revamped Integrated Framework (RIF). TRACE 1 was implemented between Jan 2008 – September 2009

TRACE II seeks to contribute towards the fulfillment of the Integrated Framework (IF) objectives and programs in Uganda and to support the government of Uganda’s trade development agenda. The project is implemented in the Ministry of Tourism, Trade and Industry where it supports the building of capacity in the National IF secretariat so that it is better equipped to:

  • Coordinate the process of trade mainstreaming into the national planning process among different institutions and sectors in Uganda
  • Oversee the development of a program of Tier 2 projects in response to the DTIS action matrix, assist identify funding partners and monitor their implementation and
  • Coordinate the development of trade and trade related projects and monitor the implementation of Aid for Trade program in Uganda


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